Always it is owls, always we are destroyed

18 | UK | ♂♀⚧⚨∅⊕♅ Aspire Inspire Respire. May or may not possibly be a dragon


There are way too many Social Justice Warriors here!

I’m going to need some of you to switch to Social Justice Mages and Social Justice Rogues before we start the game, okay? We need a balanced party if we want to make it through this.

Can I be a Social Justice Druid?


You are blind for 40 minutes everyday

We are blind for 40 minutes everyday due to saccadic masking. A saccade is the term used to describe the quick movement of our eyeballs every time we shift them from one object to another. During the fraction of a second that it takes for our eyes to go between these objects there is a blur, a blur that is so fast it is incomprehensible to our brain.

This blur needs to be removed else we would quickly become disorientated. We remove the blur by simply erasing it from our memory. We fill in the space of time where the blur occurred with an image of the first object. In this sense the blur has been “masked” by the brain, hence the term saccadic masking.

This happens all the time since we’re moving our eyes all the time. It takes a fraction of a second to move our eyes from one object to another. This may seem small but over the course of a day we lose around 40 minutes. This means that at the age of 80, saccadic masking will have caused us to lose 2.1 years of our life! (Source & More Information) (You may also like: Blind Spot)

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give me all of the money


So much for trying to get remote work, I can’t upload my code sample online because this thing won’t bundle install a code I need, no matter how many times I try to get it installed

why is this not simpler

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Introducing Yu Ying, a RWBY fancharacter inspired by and relatively based on calebtdenecour

Ying runs the Community Club, an extracurricular club known primarily for their videos, gaming, and videos about gaming, and he’s a very involved leader, always making sure that the members of the club are happy and enjoying their time. In addition to this, he is a fond athlete, and is training to be a field medic

Ying’s weapon is Bullet Pass, a frisbee-like contraption capable of taking Dust in a small compartment accessible by the top, and then activating it mid-flight by use of a small remote detonator. If you plan on facing Ying, it’s not all that uncommon to receive an ice cold frisbee to the face

Ying’s Semblance is the ability to “see through the eyes” of a target, an ability that often gets referred to as “screen-looking”. In combat situations, this can give him a distinct advantage. There are rumors that he will use this ability when playing games, but there is no solid proof of this

Ying is pangender, and quite enjoys wearing various wigs, though he mainly sticks between four green wigs of different styles and lengths, his overall favorite being a turquoise one that has most of the hair up in a ponytail and one side of the bangs braided

Ying’s name means “luster of gems”, “eagle”, “victory”, “flower”, or “jade”, depending on interpretation, and Yu means “jade”. Ying’s color is jade, and his symbol is a heart with a medical cross symbol cut out of the center of it (can be seen on his shirt and his shoes)

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Addison Steele

I’ll be participating in Extra Life as part of the Rooster Teeth community. Please donate if you can!

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modern day identity crisis.

Okay I’ve done my human interaction for the day I’m just going to crawl under this blanket and be terrified



the high horse analogy just doesnt resonate w me i dont understand why i should want to get off my high horse my horse is so tall, he is enormous and titanically powerful, he will stamp on my dissidents and scatter them like cockroaches, its a good place for me to be strategically

It also hurts more when you fall off


ive never broken a bone…the skeleton inside me is too powerful and strong and i will defeat all of you in the skeleton war

Ah, that may be true, but when bones grow back they grow back stronger, so really, people who’ve broken loads of bones and had them all heal are the stronger ones

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